The best ever carrot cupcakes


I know, I know, calling a post ‘the best ever carrot cupcakes’ is a big call. I said it for The Best Ever Chocolate Mud Cake and so far everyone who has tried it has agreed so you’ll just have to make these and tell me what you think. For my beautiful grey and yellow […]

Gingerbread truffles for the Sweet adventures blog hop


I have had the biggest Christmas craving ever since the tree went up. It’s not preggas related, it’s definitely Christmas and that craving is ginger as in gingerbread. I just can’t get enough of the the suff. I have already made 4 batches of gingerbread cookies would you believe and not all of them were […]

Chocolate spiced pumpkin bundt cake


It seems rather fitting that as I write this post, my last Nutella scroll is defrosting on the bench for my morning tea – fitting because it was the recipe I made up for last month’s Secret Recipe Club. My final assignment of the year was Crumb Blog – written by Isabelle – a bargain […]

Win a Queen baking pack

Win a Queen baking pack

I know this sounds incredibly shallow and 2-year-old-like but it’s just not Christmas around here without presents and why should you guys miss out? Every year I try to get together a few little goodies for you to win to thank you for being such wonderful readers throughout the year. Without you, this little blog […]

Coconut and lime bundt cake


I did it, I finally did it. Just a few weeks ago, I, after talking about wanting one for well over a year, bought a bundt tin. Can you be in love with a tin? I’ve only baked two cakes in it so far but the shape they they emerge from the tin is just […]

Vanilla almond cake with lemon drizzle


It may be Friday today but to me it seems like Monday and let me tell you it’s a great feeling. Will had a conference up on the Sunshine Coast on Tuesday to Thursday so I thought instead of staying home alone, I’d head up to Sunshine Beach and stay with mum and dad seeing […]

Banana raspberry and passionfruit bread – refined sugar free


A couple of weeks ago when we had our big couples (plus a few bubbas) long weekend at the coast, the messages started flying earlier in the week. Can you guess what they were about? I’ll give you a hint – you eat it. Yep if you guessed food you were correct. Of course, despite […]

English muffin bread


Apart from the fact that this bread was so good it doesn’t need any fancy styling to detract from the star of the show, there is a reason for its severe lack of styling. Friday morning I woke up feeling quite off. I decided to ditch my walk. I felt like I really needed to […]

Chocolate macaroons – or macaroo’ons


Last week I admitted that when I started blogging three years ago, I didn’t know the difference between a macaron and a macaroon. Quite a few people commented admitting that they didn’t know the difference either. Not to worry – my basic rule is macarons are those fancy french airy biscuit sandwiches that come in […]

Hamburger buns – perfect for sliders


Essential to a good pulled pork slider is a nice soft, fluffy bread roll and you all know I couldn’t bare to buy them. I actually think I’m quite addicted to bread baking. I just love how you can mix up such simple ingredients and hours later have fresh bread. Bread! I’ve been making my […]

Jenny’s coffee cake

Coffee cake

When I used to work in an office I had that dilemma. It’s the dilemma that non-coffee drinkers combined with cheapos suffer from. Whenever we’d go out for coffee meetings it would tear me to have to order a green tea and pay at least $4 for something that was invariably just a supermarket tea […]

Cookie Time Cookies – chocolate chunk


I really should have called my friend Miss Victoria, Kiwi being the good Kiwi she is. She introduced me to quite a manner of exciting New Zealand things like the Edmond’s Cookery Book which I fell in love with after the first recipe. Remember Afghan cookies? If you don’t then you must check them out. […]

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