Orange passionfruit and blueberry muffins


Before I launch into today’s post I have to say… Happy Birthday to my little Sis! xx Did you have a hot cross bun for breakfast yesterday? I’m writing this post a couple of days ahead of time but I can probably say with no offence to my wonderful mother, that I had a slightly-burned […]

Chocolate zucchini bread


Now that we’ve graduated from Queensland Health-run mothers’ group, it’s up to us to organise the meetings each week and so far we’ve been rotating around each other’s houses. Last week, it was mine and Ollie’s turn to host. Have you ever seen so much cuteness in one photo? That wasn’t even all the babies, […]

Sideline sweets

Vanilla raspberry shortbread

Not every tasty recipe made in the Claire K Creations kitchen ends up here on the blog. On the side, I create recipes for Brisbane based Queen Fine Foods. If you’re an Aussie then you probably have at least one of their products in your pantry and mostly like that is their vanilla or food […]

The best ever flourless chocolate cake


Today seemed a fitting day to post my Birthday cake seeing as today is my mum’s Birthday! Happy Birthday Mum! I now have an even better appreciation of mum’s Birthday given that she spent her 30th in hospital with me. Back then you were allowed one night out from hospital without bub and dad came […]

Hot dog rolls revisited


Thank you for all the lovely Birthday wishes. I had a fantastic weekend and I’ll tell you all about it when I post my Birthday cake later in the week. A year or so ago, I posted a recipe for hot dog buns. Now it’s a very delicate subject in our house. We regularly have […]

The childhood chocolate cake


Something strange has happened this year. Something really strange. Tomorrow is a very special day on my calendar and for the first time in my whole life I keep forgetting about it. Tomorrow is my Birthday. Usually I count down the days from at least two weeks out and anyone who sees me in that […]

Banana muffins


In anticipation of Bubba C’s arrival, I opted out of last month’s Secret Recipe Club and it’s a good thing I did because I think we were in hospital about the time my post should have gone live. I wasn’t going to miss out again though and thought joining in this month would be a […]

Olive and rosemary sourdough


I wish I could say that I whipped this up this week but that would be a big fat fib. Don’t think I’ve been neglecting Kevin the sourdough starter while I’ve been looking after Bubba C though. I am happy to report that Kevin is alive and well being the resilient guy that he is. […]

One bowl raspberry banana bread


Happy Valentine’s Day! If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my baby brain order of about 30 bananas last week. I get a fortnightly fruit and vege delivery and you can change the items to make up 15. Obviously there were quite a few things I didn’t want/need so I just kept […]

Gluten free chocolate peanut butter biscuits


I had a dilemma. It was a really big dilemma. The recipe I wanted to make looked mouthwatering but it called for one cup of peanut butter. I only had one cup of the best peanut butter ever left in the jar. What did I want more – biscuits or peanut butter? What if the […]

Milo biscuits


Pretty much ever time that she visits, the first thing my niece says after ‘hello’ is ‘do you have any biscuits?’ Apparently this is something she says when she visits most houses but after being treated to a couple of chocolate freckle biscuits here one day, I think she now expects me to have something […]

The best ever gingerbread cookies


I know I know, another ‘best ever’ post but really, these are the best ever gingerbread cookies that I’ve come across. I’ve been making the recipe for years and it has never failed me. I also find it irresistible and so usually only make it for gifts. On this particular occasion, I made some yellow […]

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