Christmas table inspiration

Family Christmas breakfast

(sing this) Santa Clause is coming, Santa Claus is coming, he’s not very far away. Time to hang your stockings up, tomorrow’s Christmas Day!

I can’t wait. Tomorrow morning I will be up with the birds ready to celebrate, eat and open presents. I don’t know about you but I love setting the table for special occasions. Seeing as I’m not hosting any Christmas events this year, I thought I’d collect a few of my favourite tables on the net that I would use for inspiration if I needed it. If you’re still looking for inspiration, hopefully these will give you an idea or two. Click on the photos to go to the source. The one above is a French-themed breakfast. I love the red and the Eiffel Tower centerpieces.


Simple and pretty

This one is very country chic. Bow tie napkins are super simple to make. Just fold the napkin up like you are making a fan and wrap a little bit of fabric around the middle.

Mitten cutlery holders

I couldn’t leave out these adorable mitten cutlery holders. Aren’t they cute?

Living centerpieces

This table, from Better Homes and Gardens is just so bright and cheery. I saw some little trees like these ones in Coles yesterday if anyone wants to re-create the look.

Red and white

Again, I’m a sucker for red and white. It’s just so festive! A few of my candy cane creations would go well with this look.

A classic table

This one is a bit frillier than something I would normally go for but in a room with a roaring fireplace I think it would be perfect. I love the pine cones and the strings of red beads.

Bling table

Very out there I know but this one just screams ‘you’re going to have fun’ to me. I think those trees would be pretty easy to whip up with a bit of cardboard. Just cut two big triangles and cut one from the bottom to the middle and the other one from the top to the middle then slide them on top of each other. Dress them up with bling and you’re good to go.

Musical table

My friend’s mum is a music teacher and she would love this setting. I can see it in a very formal dining room where perfect table manners are a must. No elbows on the table at this feast.

Red and white stripes

Yes I’m obsessed with red. I love the little sprig of rosemary wrapped with red ribbon around the napkin. It’s simple and relaxed but very elegant at the same time.

I hope you’ve gotten some inspiration from my little Christmas table round-up. Don’t forget to leave some treats out for Santa and the reindeer tonight. I haven’t decided what I’m going to leave but I’ve baked up a few goodies to choose from. Have a wonderful Christmas Eve!

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  1. How lovely! Now we are spending Christmas at home, I have more time to do things like this. Thank you for sharing. Season’s Eatings!

  2. Those settings look gorgeous! Ours wasn’t as fancy-our biggest challenge was getting everyone on the one table! Merry Christmas Claire and I hope you have a really wonderful day! :D

  3. These are lovely. Lots of great ideas and not too difficult to achieve. Merry Christmas GG

  4. Jennifer @ Mother Thyme says:

    Beautiful tables! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas! :)

  5. Wow, some simply gorgeous table inspirations there!!!! I love the simple and pretty table setting. So beautiful and classically beautiful.

  6. Nice Christmas table design.

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