Passionfruit and white chocolate friands via

Passionfruit and white chocolate friands

Until I made these passionfruit and white chocolate friands, I had never made friands before. Don’t get me wrong, I’d eaten and enjoyed them just never made them myself. I think the fact that they usually contain nearly half a carton’s worth of egg-whites has always put me off. Enter homemade ice-cream addiction. If you have a Thermomix and an ice-cream churn, making ice-cream from scratch is easy. Probably too easy really and if you add backyard … [Read More...]

Zucchini fritters (with avocado yoghurt sauce) via

Zucchini fritters (with avocado yoghurt sauce)

There hasn't been an awful lot of cooking going on here lately. When Ollie got sick, it was all we could manage to either defrost something for our dinner or just make toast (I had vegemite toast for dinner three nights in one week! - one time not even toasted - fyi they don't give pregnant mummas food in Emergency, luckily I thought to throw in the loaf of bread that was on the bench and some Vegemite). Having a sick baby in hospital is nothing at all … [Read More...]

Berry and almond cakes via

Berry and almond cakes

If there is one thing I learned while Ollie was sick last week it is that a Mother’s Instinct is something pretty strong. The home doctor we called in the middle of the night on Tuesday after Ollie had been screaming for pretty much 5 hours straight didn’t think it was anything abnormal. She said he had an ear infection, wrote a script for more antibiotics and ran out the door. I’m no doctor but I knew it wasn’t an ear infection and I knew that … [Read More...]

In My Kitchen July 2015 via

Homegrown and homemade – in my kitchen July 2015

I'm just scraping in for the cut-off for this months's In My Kitchen post. We have had another rough week with a sick little man so the blog has had to take a backseat. But I still wanted to pop in and share my kitchen. My Aunt (Mum’s sister) and Uncle from Spain have been out visiting for the last month. Sadly today they headed home. The time always goes way too quickly and I hate the airport farewell. This year the farewell was from our living room … [Read More...]


Berry pancakes (egg free)

You know what, sometimes I really don't like writing about food. It's really hard work to sit here trying to write something about mouth-watering, fluffy, berry pancakes drizzled with maple syrup without running to the kitchen to whip up a batch for afternoon tea. Yes, I know that I got to eat these prior to now but looking at the photos all I can think about is pancakes. And berries. I can't think of what else to say other than telling you how good … [Read More...]

Zucchini carbonara via

Zucchini carbonara

My favourite type of mid-week recipe has to tick a few boxes. Firstly and most importantly, it has to be tasty and have some nutritional value. Secondly, it must be easy and quick to make and finally, it’s best if the ingredients aren’t too expensive and they have to be in the house already (it’s rare that I go out to buy one or two ingredients for dinner unless it’s for something special). Zucchini carbonara is most definitely tasty, it has zucchini, … [Read More...]

Sourdough pancakes (refined sugar free) via

Sourdough pancakes (refined sugar free)

When I was in highschool, occasionally we would have breakfast parties for special occasions. I can’t for the life of me think of an example of an occasion but I can remember that the breakfast was always cooked on one of those BBQs like you see in public parks. You know the big sheet of aluminium with actual fire burning underneath? They must have always been coated in way too much spray oil or butter or whatever anti-stick agent was popular at the … [Read More...]

Pineapple stress sickness and adventures via

Pineapple stress sickness and adventures

You know when you build something up in your head to be amazing and then the time comes and the actual event is actually totally different to what you had pictured? Will had Thursday off work the week before last and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try the new Pineapple Express superfood cafe nearby. I figured a Thursday morning would be nice and quiet. We had a bit of a sleep in (thanks Ollie) and arrived about 8.45. We found a … [Read More...]

Cumquat melting momements via

Cumquat melting moments

Today marks a special occasion for me and Will. It is a whole 2 years since we moved into our house. Such a lot has happened in that time and we have loved every minute of living here and really enjoyed putting our own touches on the place (not to mention adding to the number of people living here). We said just the other day that it’s really starting to feel like ours. Yes it was ours before but there were a lot of little things that weren’t very ‘us’ … [Read More...]

Rich fudgey chocolate sauce via

Rich fudgey chocolate sauce

Chocolate is one of my serious weaknesses at the moment. Not just any chocolate, it must be dark and rich but if it ticks both those boxes - get in my belly! I have been trying to stick with healthy versions but sometimes you just have to give in. Somehow, at a mother’s group mummies’ night out, we got on to the subject of churros. A few minutes later we were all heading out the door with churros on the brain, making a beeline for where we thought … [Read More...]