6 months – half a year – a lifetime

Our little man, who it seems only came into this world yesterday, is six months old today. I never thought time could fly by so fast. When we were in the midst of the first few weeks (if you've had a baby you know what I'm talking about) I thought time was nearly standing still but now I wish I could make it do that. Every morning when I get Ollie out of bed I swear he is a little bit bigger and a little bit more grown up than when I kissed him … [Read More...]


Friends, appliances and more bulk buying

I had been hanging out for what happened last Saturday. Last Saturday I finally got to visit Costco. Wow what an eye-opener. It was amazing. I didn't really think that I'd be buying much and certainly not any organic goodies but I was pleasantly surprised. I'll be giving a full re-cap soon as well as whether I think it's worth the $60 membership fee or not. Last weekend was also a big weekend here because Will was away from Friday lunch time until … [Read More...]


Slow cooked beef and apricot tagine with chickpeas

My sister and I were lucky enough to travel heaps when we were younger. Mum and dad took us all over the world but one trip that especially sticks in my mind was a trip to Europe when I was 18. We were staying with my aunt and uncle at their place in the south of Spain when it was proposed that we visit Morocco for a night. My dad and little sis weren't all that adventurous back then so mum, my aunt and I made the 2 hour voyage across the straight. It … [Read More...]


How to make a herb garden from formula tins

Will calls me a hoarder. I'm not a hoarder in the traditional sense but I do have a little problem with throwing out things that I think might be useful. My latest hoarding item is formula tins. With a hungry boy, we go through quite a few of them and while they're recyclable, I still can't bare to throw them away when they look so useful. Spray paint is one of my favourite DIY tools but since I found Rust-o-leum universal spray paint I can't stop … [Read More...]


Bulk buying

My little man is Mr Active now. He can't crawl but my goodness can he get around and he loves his toys. I think I have a future football player on my hands. The thought worries me already. There is actual corn growing in the garden. I am beyond excited. Apparently it's the wrong time of year to grow corn so hopefully it's successful. I can't wait to eat it. In other garden news, I did a bit of DIY arts and crafts on the weekend. I'll be doing … [Read More...]


Caramelised onion focaccia with olives

Will and I were driving home from the city on the weekend and I was happily singing along 'so don't act like it's a bad thing to fall in love...' to Justin Timberlake's latest song when I had a thought. I turned to Will and said 'how do they keep coming up with new songs?' We both agreed that it's pretty amazing there is still new material to be created. Really I have evidence of this every day. As I was thinking of a interesting way to start this post … [Read More...]


Pumpkin and quinoa fritters with feta

A few months ago, if you'd asked me how I feel about quinoa I would have said that we're still not on the best of terms. I have had little success cooking it in the past with a few bitter attempts. Then I tried the quinoa salad to end all quinoa salads at my cousin's baby shower and I was determined to recreate it. So of course I did what I always do and Googled 'how to cook the best quinoa' and found this. It promised 'tasty, fluffy' quinoa so … [Read More...]

Gluten free banana bread via

Gluten free banana bread

I know what you're thinking 'oh Claire not¬†another banana bread recipe girl, how many can you have?' Please stick with me, this is not just another banana bread recipe, this is a gluten free banana bread recipe. See how it's different? Actually if you go through the ingredients it's dairy free too but that's not why I chose it. I wanted to try it because most of the ingredients are pantry staples (I always have some sort of nut meal in my pantry) so all … [Read More...]

Blue skies

Blue skies and cheeky babies

This is pretty much how the sky has been every day in the last week. On this particular morning I finally dragged myself out of bed before the boys and went for a solo walk before Will left for work. Last weekend we celebrated the pending wedding of my friend Doc with a bridal shower in her parents' backyard, in the very spot the wedding reception will be held in a few weeks. It was the most perfect day - could have been a summer afternoon. Isn't … [Read More...]

Shredded beef curry in the slow cooker via

Shredded beef curry in the slow cooker

I know it's Brisbane, in sunny Queensland and all my southern friends just roll their eyes at me but it's getting really chilly here. Sometimes during the day if you stand in the sun you could be quite comfortable in summer clothes but when the sun goes down or when the wind picks up, it's cold, really cold and definitely slow-cooker cold. To me, in winter there is nothing better than a warming slow-cooked meal of something hearty like stew or … [Read More...]