Happy Easter

Hoppy Eggster

Happy Eggster every bunny. Yes I'm that corny! I hope the Easter Bunny visited everyone and that you're having a lovely day. I'm taking a little holiday for the next week to relax with the family at the coast. See you soon.  … [Read More...]


Orange passionfruit and blueberry muffins

Before I launch into today's post I have to say... Happy Birthday to my little Sis! xx Did you have a hot cross bun for breakfast yesterday? I'm writing this post a couple of days ahead of time but I can probably say with no offence to my wonderful mother, that I had a slightly-burned chocolate hot cross bun. It's tradition in our house. If mum didn't burn the hot cross buns then it wouldn't be a proper Good Friday. This year she did say she was … [Read More...]


Dairy free raspberry passionfruit and oat smoothie

Miss Sydney sent me a snapchat yesterday morning. 'My boots' first outing for the season.' I replied with 'no boots here just bootcamp.' The weather it just one of the reasons I love living in Queensland. While other states are starting to feel the chill creeping in, there's just a slight hint of cool in the mornings and evenings here. It's nowhere near cool enough for refreshing smoothies to be replaced by warming oats though. Although having said … [Read More...]


Raw coconut macadamia cheesecake

In the early weeks after Ollie arrived, what I craved most was homemade sweets - cakes, slices, breads, I wanted them all ,but not having time to bake, I didn't get to fulfil the cravings very often. I had to rely on the kindness of family and friends and always welcomed someone bringing baked goods. Well yes I welcomed everyone who came to visit but I really loved the sweet treats. As you know, my sister is impressively healthy. She was the one who … [Read More...]


Twas the week before Easter

I can't believe it's Easter next week. I guess I have been a bit busy this year but it has flown by. I'm seriously looking forward to Easter though.  We're headed up to the beach with the little guy. I'll also admit, I'm looking forward to indulging in a few Easter Eggs and a chocolate hot cross bun. This week has been another good one, of course with a little bit of baking. I whipped up a batch of orange, passionfruit and blueberry muffins to take to … [Read More...]


Chocolate zucchini bread

Now that we've graduated from Queensland Health-run mothers' group, it's up to us to organise the meetings each week and so far we've been rotating around each other's houses. Last week, it was mine and Ollie's turn to host. Have you ever seen so much cuteness in one photo? That wasn't even all the babies, there were 2 missing. They all had a great time playing together and this week they even started looking at each other which is totally … [Read More...]


Paleo banana cupcakes

While I was pregnant with O Man, I was part of a forum on an app on my phone. We'd all share stories and ask questions of each other and when it came around due date time, we eagerly awaited the arrival of each other's bubs. When our bubba arrived, I shared my birth story. A day or so later, I had a comment. Now keep in mind that this is an app with people from all over the world and most were from America. Of the 13 people who commented, one wrote 'hey … [Read More...]


Quick and easy gnocchi

This month I'm breaking from my Secret Recipe Club tradition. Usually I choose sweet baked goodies. I can't help myself, I'm drawn to the sugar. Not this month. This month I took the plunge and chose something savoury. I have had 'make gnocchi' on my must try list for way too long and when I saw this 'easy' recipe on Cookin' Mimi, I knew it was the one. Micha is a girl after my own heart. She received a pasta maker for her thirteenth Birthday. While … [Read More...]


The garden share collective

It has been a little while since I shared my garden but I'll be honest, it's looking pretty sad. The only things doing well are those that thrive on neglect or take care of themselves - like the lemon tree. It has just recently started fruiting and I'm already collecting recipes for the first lemon. I don't think the excitement of having my own lemon tree will ever wear off. A family friend grew some mixed capsicum seedlings for me and … [Read More...]


The Birthday continued

It has been another mostly good week here at Claire K Creations headquarters. I don't want to jinx things but we're finally getting some decent sleep with Ollie on average sleeping about 10/11-4/5 and then after a feed, through til 7.30 or even 9am! This mumma is starting to feel human again. Now you know how I like to drag out Birthdays? A week after the big day, I headed out to lunch with some girlfriends to Alfred & Constance. I had a delicious … [Read More...]