Chewy chocolate chip cookies via

Chewy chocolate chip cookies

I mentioned last week that I was going to be dipping into the archives every-so-often and bringing back favourite recipes that have somehow fallen from my mind. Chewy chocolate chip cookies are one of those recipes. When I came across this recipe over at Barbara Bakes I just had to try it. The recipe promises rich, chewy and thick cookies and what’s not to love about that. Barbara starts her post about the biccies with an interesting discussion. … [Read More...]

Passionfruit and lime mock mojito via

Passionfruit mock mojito and win a SodaStream Play

(scroll down to see how you could win a white SodaStream Play) For most people, alcohol and special occasions go hand-in-hand. Not so much when you’re preggas which I have been for quite a few big events not to mention my 30th Birthday. I’m not really a big drinker even when I’m not pregnant but I do love a cocktail. Give me something sweet and citrussy and I’m in party drink heaven. I love a mojito but I have grown very fond of the mock … [Read More...]

Ginger and lime fizz with homemade ginger syrup via

Ginger and lime fizz (with homemade ginger syrup)

I used to be addicted to a certain soft drink that I choose to leave unnamed as I am a little ashamed about it. I am proud to say that we parted ways nearly three years ago now and I have never looked back but for a while there, I felt a little lost. I had always ordered this nameless drink and exploring other options was something totally new to me. Sparkling water - something I wasn’t a fan of back then - and I became friends. The usual was sparkling … [Read More...]

Mother's Day and all the pancakes via

Mother’s Day and all the pancakes

We had a very monumental occasion last week. Our little man started daycare. We had been for a few trial-runs but Friday was the first full day and there were tears from him and Mummy. I rang a couple of hours later though and he was having a ball. This Friday he settled before I’d even walked out the door and had another good (but a little teary - could have been the 25 minute sleep all day) which makes this mumma very happy. He’s just going one day … [Read More...]

Bircher muesli via

Bircher muesli

Do you eat breakfast? I don’t think I could ever be one of those people who skip it. My stomach would never let me. Breakfast has become  a bit of a challenge around here lately because Ollie takes after his mumma and wakes up starving without fail. A little bowl of puffed corn keeps him going while I make breakfast but I have to be quick. I try to do what I can the night before and one of my favourites is Bircher muesli. You can mix up a big batch and … [Read More...]


Thai chicken noodles

It's always nice to look back on the past to see how far you've come and for me, one place that really shows is with my blog photos. Oh dear were they shocking way-back-when. It was also the time when I shared all my family-favourite and regular-rotation meals because of course they're the first recipes you think to share with anyone. Sadly that means my most favourite recipes look so bad I think the photos would put people off cooking them rather than … [Read More...]

Paprika meatballs in tomato sauce via

Paprika meatballs in saffron tomato sauce

I’ve mentioned before about my new favourite beef - Bonnie Beef - haven’t I? Buying meat from these guys is what I imagine it must have been like quite some time ago. A time where you actually knew the farmers who raised the animal you were going to eat and then, wait for it - delivered it to your door. How is that for service? Another bonus is that they always include the Meat magazine which has some brilliant recipes to use all sorts of cuts and … [Read More...]

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day

To all the mums reading, I hope you have a wonderful day and are spoilt rotten by all your children. Being a mum sure is one of the most amazing things in the world but we do deserve a day all about us in my humble opinion. To my little man and bubba-on-the-way, thanks for making me a mum. x … [Read More...]

In my kitchen – May 2015

In my kitchen is a box of my favourite tea - Pukka Love. The Easter Bunny brought me this and I’m very sad to say I only have two bags left. Maybe a certain son of mine will take notice of my hints and gift me a box for Mother’s Day. In my kitchen is what would have been a very lovely gift - a recipe and all the ingredients to make it. Unfortunately the glass jar didn’t quite survive the post. At least I have the recipe. In my kitchen is the … [Read More...]

Choc orange and almond aka Jaffa cake via

Choc orange and almond aka Jaffa cake

When my mum was pregnant with me she had quite a few friends with babies due all around the same time. One of my favourite old photos is of her lined up with three other pregnant friends just two days before I was born. It had been a long time since Mum and Dad had caught up with one of those women and her family and last weekend Mum hosted a big lunch for about 10 years worth of catch ups. Of course Mum had a fancy feast planned complete with a giant … [Read More...]