Chocolate salted caramel thumbprints

Back into the jar of French salted caramel we delve. I was staring at the jar one morning, day dreaming about what to do with it when my one-track mind turned to chocolate. The recipe must involve chocolate and there must be a lot of salted caramel. I wanted something that you could bite into and have salted caramel drip from your lips. It had to be heavenly and chocolate salted caramel thumbprints fitted the bill in my book. To be heavenly they … [Read More...]

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

From all the Claire K Creations crew.... Happy Halloween. We hope it is goulishly good! It is also an extra special day in our house because it is Will's Birthday. Happy Birthday darling husband and Daddy to the best baby in the world (IMHO). xxx … [Read More...]


Chocolate spice swirl cookies

To prove I haven't totally lost it, I made something a little more normal for Halloween this year as well as the crazy brain piñata cake with oozing bloody maggots. I just can't let the holiday pass without doing something orange. Why is it that Halloween and the colour orange are so synonymous? Yet another question I pondered as I walked past my orange bucket filled with lollies to hand out to the adorable trick-or-treaters tomorrow night. This year I … [Read More...]


Brain piñata cake filled with bloody maggots

I know you probably took one look at this cake and thought 'oh dear, Claire has lost the plot' but I promise I haven't. Well that's just my opinion, maybe ask Will but I'm pretty sure he would agree. It's just, I love a good theme. It started with my mum. She and dad threw us the most amazing themed Birthday parties when we were little. My sister had a disco party one time and mum even made a jukebox out of a refrigerator box and I'm not talking dodgy - … [Read More...]

The man of the minute


It was all-stations-a-go here last week preparing for Ollie's naming ceremony. With the help of mum and M - Ollie's surrogate Grandma - I did all the food. There were a couple of diets to cater to including gluten-free and egg-free. Instead of adding store-bought gluten-free flour to my zucchini slice, I thought I'd have a go at making it myself. This blend was made from brown rice, quinoa and buckwheat - a super healthy flour if I do say so myself. Yes I … [Read More...]


Pumpkin and quinoa sourdough

One snack Master Ollie loves is toast. Mum says that he must surely be sick of peanut butter toast by now but I do mix things up with avocado and Vegemite as well. Seeing as I know he loves bread I thought I'd do a bit of experimenting to boost the goodness. Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial aka my bread baking muse has taught me that you can pretty much add anything you like to sourdough  so I wasn't too nervous adding my goodies. I threw in the … [Read More...]

Win two boxes of At One raw superbars

Delicous, healthy, raw snack bars and a competition

(side note: there is a comp at the bottom so keep reading!) I ran a half marathon once. That totally makes me an athlete right? Ok so it took me 2 hours and 40 minutes but I ran (sometimes my run was slower than most people's strolling pace) the whole 21.something kilometres. In my back pocket I had red snakes to keep me going. Oh how times have changed. I no longer run unless it's to stop Ollie from getting into something he shouldn't and I'm not … [Read More...]


Banana blueberry muffins

We are still a little bit slow motion around here today after a very big weekend. On Sunday we played hosts to our family and close friends and held a little ceremony/lunch for Ollie's naming. For those who haven't heard of it, it's kind of like a christening without the religious part. It was a truly wonderful day. We had the celebrant who married us run the ceremony, Will's sister from China was out with her husband and brand new baby girl who we met … [Read More...]

Ollie in the pool

Happy babies and revelations

It has been another week of firsts in our house but the best by far was Ollie's first swim. We were a bit worried he wouldn't like it because he hated the big bath at first but he LOVED it. He laughed his little head off the whole time and the only reason we got out was because mum got cold. I think he looks a little bit like those adorable sea otters. Anyone see it? Our first Roma tomato came in from the garden this week. I have to admit, I … [Read More...]


Thai yellow curry paste

This started as a recipe for yellow chicken curry. When I really thought about it though, it's all about that paste about that paste (not bass - oh dear too much singing in this house). Homemade yellow curry paste really is the star of homemade yellow chicken curry so why not showcase it right? So I know curry paste is really easy to buy and readily available but I must insist you try making it yourself one time. It really is a whole new level of … [Read More...]