Basil, cake smashing and bread

Yes it's more sourdough bread. It's becoming a bit of  a theme around here. So much so that I need to hunt down a good place to buy a giant bag of bakers flour (or head out to Costco again but that is a big adventure!). I try to mix up a batch of sourdough starter every Thursday, make the dough Thursday night and bake a loaf Friday morning that way we always have fresh bread for the weekend when it seems to be needed the most. I am loving the overnight … [Read More...]

Should I buy a thermomix via

Should I buy a Thermomix

Should I buy a Thermomix? It’s a question I have been asked quite a few times since the Thermomix came to live at our house. I had heard about them on and off for a few years and always passed it off as some overpriced con which is how a lot of people still view them but not me - I’ve joined the Thermomix Cult. Who really needs to spend $2000 on a piece of kitchen equipment especially someone like me who owns every machine under the sun (shh don’t … [Read More...]

Sugar free tomato sauce via

Sugar free tomato sauce

Were you an eat-anything-and-everything sort of kid or a little miss/mr fussy? Me? Well I was what would now be my worst nightmare - a very very fussy kid. While mostly, I’m pretty sure I was just annoying, to me, there were some benefits. I never had tomato sauce. While my sister used to smother it on everything, I hated the thought of it and even now the smell doesn’t really appeal to me. It’s probably one of the only good habits to come out of my … [Read More...]

Pink quinoa salad with walnuts via

Pink quinoa salad with walnuts

This is a bit of an embarrassing post to write. It happens to me sometimes and every time, until now, I have recovered from it. That’s not a bad record for 4.5 years of blogging but today, well today, I can’t for the life of me remember where this recipe came from. I have spent a good portion of the morning flicking through all the latest magazines I’ve been getting recipes from. I’ve searched my inbox, Pinterest, my iPhoto (sometimes I take photos … [Read More...]

Dinner with a view

Stradbroke Island and a sneaky holiday

The best fruit and vegetables, in my humble opinion, are homegrown. They just can't be beaten. These sweet potatoes were a gift to Ollie from our wonderful family friend M. She knows how much he loves them. He has had two roasted as chippies so far and totally devoured them. Since learning Celia's overnight sourdough trick and baking in a pot, I have been a bit unstoppable with my baking. What used to be a three day process, now takes less than 24 … [Read More...]


Kid friendly banana cake with chocolate icing

Ollie’s Birthday cake - it was a bit of a challenge I will admit. He loves banana so they had to be in there. I didn’t want him to have sugar so that couldn’t be there. I was going to go all out and try one of those whacky egg-free, dairy-free recipes as well but then the thought of it failing stopped me (read - I was way too lazy to make another cake if it failed). Instead of regular sugar I used coconut sure and while a lot of times I have found … [Read More...]

Monkey jungle cake toppers via

Monkey jungle cake toppers

I’m a cake girl. I totally agree with Julia Child and firmly believe that it isn’t a celebration without cake. My problem is deciding on the cake. Ollie’s Birthday cake had to be a monkey in some shape or form and not covered in fondant cause I wanted him to be able to eat it. To Pinterest I went and after combining a lot of ideas, this is what I came up with. Now when you look at this monkey, keep in mind that art is not my best skill but I was … [Read More...]

Apricot and coconut logs via

Apricot and coconut logs

‘What would you like to see here?’ That’s the question I posed on the Facebook page a couple of weeks ago. There were lots of requests like quick, healthy dinners and easy snacks but another popular ask was for lunch box snacks. You know I’m big on making my own snacks so this one was popular with me too and I will try to share a ‘lunchbox snack’ every few weeks. Now don’t think that lunchbox snacks are just for kids. They will all be kid-friendly … [Read More...]


Teepees and photo shoots

It has been a big few weeks of first Birthday celebrations around here with one more to go next Sunday (the big group party for mother's group). Last weekend we celebrated Shannon's (The Nutritionist) son's first Birthday. Can you guess the theme? She did such an amazing job with all the food and decorations. It was a beautiful morning in the park and Ollie had so much fun we had a hard time telling him it was time to go home. I remembered an old … [Read More...]

Chocolate rum and raisin cake via

Chocolate rum and raisin cake

Every year, I am assigned the all-important task of making the Birthday cake for Guppy, my grandma, who this year turned 97 years old. I’m going to backtrack a little bit. When I mentioned Guppy’s great health at her wondrous age, Maureen asked for a bit of the story of Guppy so I will tell a little. You might understand why she is so tough when you hear she was a bushie. They lived on a cattle property quite a way from civilisation back when to make … [Read More...]