Mince Wellington

Do you ever wonder where ideas in your head come from? How you can have not thought about something for four years and then it randomly pops into your head? As happens nearly every Saturday night, it got to 5pm a few weeks ago and we had no idea what to have for dinner. I had mushrooms, I had mince and my brain had mince wellington. I first made this recipe back in 2011 but as with most of my photos back then, they were shockingly bad. I mean you'd … [Read More...]


Beetroot flatbread

A pattern is starting to emerge whenever I give Ollie my new creations to try. Usually, at first he is really in to the new food, enthusiastically shoving it in his mouth in that cute whole-handed way babies eat. Then, just when I'm getting excited that I've invented a new baby food for the repertoire, as if sensing my enthusiasm, he stops or the food starts making its way to the floor. It's like he knows and doesn't want me to get too cocky (I did … [Read More...]


Greek lamb and haloumi burgers

Yesterday I was standing at the bench shaping mince into patties to cook for Ollie when suddenly I feel a searing sting on my bottom followed by giggling when I yelped in pain. Ollie seems to find biting pretty funny but I was in a real pickle. I was covered in mince so I couldn't touch him, he wouldn't get down and the more I reacted the more he laughed and tried to bite me again. Now add the closer... I was wearing elastic waisted pants. So if you … [Read More...]

Home dried fruit

Wet and dry and a hot tip

It's always a bit tricky coming back home from a week at the beach and being just me and Ollie again. Not that I don't love it, it's just he doesn't get as much attention the poor love and usually has a new habit. This week it was refusing to let me feed him. I had to give up with this mushroom/avocado scrambled eggs and put it all on the tray for him to go wild with. Is it just me or do mums spend 80% of their day cleaning the floor, highchair, child, … [Read More...]


Chocolate strawberries and cream

For those following the air-conditioning dilemma there was a breakthrough. Around midday on Tuesday I had someone in to look at the problem. He works with his dad who is at least well into his 70s and by his estimate, our ancient unit was about 30 years old and 'a bit like me... well past retirement age.' They were here for nearly 2 hours talking options for making us cool again and my blood pressure was rising thinking about the cost and envisioning us … [Read More...]


Beetroot dip with walnuts

I knew that being a mum would be an amazing experience but what I wasn't really prepared for was Ollie teaching me new things. While trying to introduce him to every food I can get my hands on, I decided that if I want Ollie to eat something, I probably should try it myself. What do you know... I've learned to love quite a few new fruits and vegetables in the last six months. I have a new found love of beetroot. I've always loved how pretty they are … [Read More...]


Macadamia brownies with lemon myrtle

After a lovely, relaxing time at the beach, we battled through traffic on Sunday - when the temps hit 41C (105F) - to come home and discover the air conditioning in our room and Ollie's was blowing out nice hot air and no it wasn't because we had it set to heating. This is the same air conditioner that leaked through Ollie's ceiling when he was a baby after it wasn't serviced properly and I literally spent about 10 hours over 5 months battling the company … [Read More...]

Windswept baby

A sneaky holiday

We took a sneaky holiday this week. Friday was a public holiday in Brisbane for the G20 Summit. As Will's office is close to the action, he had to work from home so Ollie and I decided to come up the beach last Saturday to stay with Mum and Dad and let Will work in peace. Unfortunately Mr Ollie woke up on Saturday with a cold and was one sick little boy until Thursday but that didn't stop us having a good time even if it meant rocking a dummy in public. … [Read More...]

Family naming ceremony

Ollie’s navy, white and lime green naming ceremony

We didn't christen Ollie because we're not religious but we still wanted to have an occasion to celebrate him and officially welcome him to the family as well as name his godparents (in the not-so-traditional sense).  It just so happened that Will's sister and brother-in-law were going to be out from China with our brand new baby niece on a weekend when we could get everyone else we wanted there together which was so very special. It also happened that … [Read More...]


Gluten, dairy, nut free chocolate cupcakes

If it looks like a rich, dark, naughty, jump-on-the-treadmill-to-work-off-the-guilt chocolate cupcake then it is right? Wrong! Not when the mad scientist aka JJ from 84th and 3rd has been in the kitchen. Oh no this is not just any old mouthwatering chocolate cupcake. This is special. You could eat this cupcake for breakfast. You could probably eat it for dinner and you would have still had a couple of serves of vegetables even if you ate nothing … [Read More...]