Eco Tan deoderant

A natural deodorant quest

No don't close the page just yet. Ok this probably isn't interesting to everyone but I thought I'd write about it anyway in the interest of saving someone on the same quest a lot of time, effort and money. You might have gathered from a few of my mentions that I had quite a few issues breastfeeding. One rather annoying change was that I developed an allergy to regular deodorant. Basically any deodorant that actually works now gives me a massive itchy … [Read More...]


Magnetic Island

You know you have had a good holiday when it feels like you were away for weeks when really it was just five nights. This time last week we were on our way to Magnetic Island - a little tropical paradise just off Townsville. It was to be Ollie's first time on a plane and we were a little bit nervous. We needn't have been. I think he defined the phrase 'charming the socks off' with the way the air hosties were gushing over him. What a little show off he … [Read More...]

arthur bay


Sorry if I make you jealous but we are currently sunning ourselves on Magnetic Island enjoying our first family holiday just the three of us. I'll be back to tell you all about it next week. Have a good weekend! … [Read More...]


Spanish chicken in the slow cooker

It all got a little bit crazy. Our new fridge was arriving on the Thursday. Tuesday I realised we actually had to get rid of the old fridge before then. I put an urgent ad on Gumtree and on Wednesday morning I had sold the fridge on the condition they could pick it up that afternoon. They were coming at 3.45 and at 3pm I was still sitting at mother's group when it occurred to me that the fridge was full of food and I needed to clean it out and store all … [Read More...]


A peek at the week

Starting off a peek at my week with this cuteness. Now I know I'm totally biased but seriously... this kid! This was his first time on a swing and I think he rather liked it. We ate our first lot of bok choi for dinner mid week. When I posted this photo on Instagram a friend said 'make sure you check the little guy who made those holes isn't still lurking.' Well I checked and couldn't find him and the leaves were delicious. Just 30 minutes between … [Read More...]


In my kitchen – August 2014

In my kitchen this month there are a few goodies starting with this delicious soup from Pitango (gifted). I'll admit, I wasn't expecting much from a packet soup but this organic goodness was packed with flavour. My only complaint is that it wasn't quite big enough for me for lunch and I had to have a snack afterwards. In my kitchen is a delicious kale and basil pesto made for my by my lovely friend The Natropath. It is seriously good. So far I have … [Read More...]


Triple chocolate brownies with pecans

Would you laugh at me or think me a little nuts if I said that until recently I still had a stash of Easter eggs? It's not a lie. You see I received my usual haul of eggs this year but as I was breastfeeding and Ollie doesn't like chocolate (that better change - can't have a son who doesn't like chocolate), I couldn't eat them. I cut this recipe out months ago with the intention of baking up one mega chocolate feast when I could eat chocolate again and … [Read More...]

Carrots and corn

Garden share collective – August 2014

The last month of winter here started more like the first month of summer. On Friday I headed out to lunch wearing a sleeveless dress and wasn't the slightest bit chilly. Personally I have loved the unseasonably warm weather but I am not the only one. It seems the plants rather enjoyed the little 'heat wave' too. Sadly the stupid possum/rate/evil rodent has been at it again and cleaned off half my little chili plant and a good portion of the big plant. … [Read More...]


Things are not as they seem

It was a very big week here with the little guy celebrating his half Birthday. I still can't quite believe it. I set up a little photo booth to get his photo posing with the '6 month' blocks. It did not go well. He wiggled and messed with the blocks and I could not get a shot. Just when I was ready to call it quits I sat him up. I was holding his other hand and he lifted up the 6 and looked out the window. I grabbed the camera and shot this with one … [Read More...]


Is it worth buying a Costco membership

The weekend before last was my second trip to Costco. Second trip there but only first time inside. The first time was a lovely 1.5h return trip to see a giant line snaking out the door that we were not going to join. The second time, Will was away for the weekend so we headed out with Grandma and Auntie Anna for what ended up being an entire day of shopping. For Mr Ollie it started and ended like this with lots of fun in between. (if you don't want … [Read More...]